You guys know the Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference 2007 is coming soon, and at this event, we're planning to create a cool application that everyone will be able to download and install on their device. I can't tell you more about it as it's meant to be a surprise, but we're looking for some help to make it more usable.

What we're in need of for those who are interested in helping, is to download a simple test application that will return all available Camera Video Modes that your device supports. It won't take more than 10mins of your time. Here are the steps:

  1. You can download the app using the link below
  2. Copy it into your device (to any folder) and run it.
  3. The application will return a screen that says the video modes have been detected and exported to a file in your \ root called DS_Formats.txt.
  4. All I need for you to do then is to copy that file onto your desktop, open it and post a comment to this post with the following info:
    1. Text in DS_Formats.txt
    2. Device Brand (eg. Motorola, HTC, Orange)
    3. Device Model (eg. Q, Hermes, 8525)
    4. Device OS (eg. WM5.0 or WM6)

Here's what it should look like.


Thanks so much in advance, this will help us try to support as many devices as we can.