We just wrapped up MEDC 2007 in Sydney Australia today. What a great event. Personally I think this year was much better and we had a better set of attendees who thought that we had better content this time round.  Thanks to every one who took their time to attend this event at Sheraton on the Park. Here are some pics: (you can see more photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/medc2006team )

Grace Kerrison our host:


Here's Michelle Freed delivering the keynote:

Mike and Derek doing their combined demo:

Here's Rob Tiffany with his John Wayne look:

Me just before my Top 10 Snafus presentation:

Me right after that very tough session and having tackled numerous difficult questions ;)


Great event overall, I'm very happy that Don Kerr and the local team has done such an fine job! Now more meetings tomorrow and off to Singapore I go.

btw, Mobility Touchdown in Australia starts tomorrow.