Here's a quick video I cobbled together to show off this nifty add-on that Dopod implemented for the new Dopod C730 (HTC Cavalier) phone. It very lightweight, easy to access. All you need to do is to hit FN-SPACE and it'll pull up the floating menu that allows you to configure the IME input tool. You can also choose languages from the following:

  1. EN - English T9 with predictive sentences
  2. Pinyin - Simplified Chinese verbal. Ni - You, Hao - Good etc. You type in the alphabetical equivalent to the spoken word and it'll give you the approximate Chinese word
  3. Stroke - Allows you to write a Chinese word in written form where you input the correct strokes from the top left to the bottom right, in the correct standardized order of written Chinese.

Keytouch also has two EDIT modes,

  1. EDIT1- contains SELECT, CUT, COPY and PASTE. Which is really handy for Windows Mobile 6 Standard phones.
  2. EDIT2 - is for UNDO, DEL, Home and BACK.

Really handy, wish we had it by default in Windows Mobile.