Just landed in Mumbai, India late last night for the TechMela event (June 14-16) and got stopped at customs. Was shuttled to a interrogation area and told, "I'm sorry sir, we have a one laptop per person policy. You can only carry one laptop".

I went.. "WTF?" Literarily! I said "What? when did they implement such a policy? why weren't we told about it by our travel agents, our event organizers or just before we disembarked the plane?"

he said "I'm sorry, you can only carry one." (no reason given).

I spent the next 10minutes haggling with him and his manager (a lady) about having to present at their local conference and needing two laptops and ten phones for demos, and they went off one side whispering and discussing and sizing me up.

Then I said it, "I work for Microsoft in Redmond, Washington USA." and I whipped out my namebadge and they reluctantly let me go. Unbelievable. Even my cab driver is stunned.


Is it the way I look?

Is it because I'm carrying a Malaysian passport?

because none of my other colleagues from the US had this issue the day before.