After :

  • 107 hours of flight time
  • 4.45 days in the air
  • 46 days on the road
  • 45,812 miles traveled
  • 7 types of planes (752,747,777,773,737,Fokker,332)
  • 4 different airlines (Northwest, United, Singapore & KLM)
  • 6 cities in 5 continents

The MEDC world tour is complete, again. This is my 2nd time doing the world tour and it is always a very interesting experience. You get to meet thousands of people, get slammed with difficult questions, visit interesting sights and spend countless nights and days stuck in a hotel room doing work when you can be touring the cities.

here are some pictures from the last MEDC event in Berlin, Germany:

Speaker Briefing:

Jason and Derek just before the Keynote:

Keynote Crowd:

John O'Rourke (our GM) delivering the keynote:

Goofing around with John Wyer (Business owner for MEDC Europe):

The A-Team:


It's a lot of time off from the family doing this tour but that said, I'll do it all over again if I have to. All I need to do is to get my wife another diamond ring. ;)