Everybody knows that battery life is always a big issue for mobile gadgets such as Smartphones, PDAs, and music players like the Zune or iPod. Many hardware OEMs are constantly thinking about building new hardware with lots of cool new features, but that would cause the battery to drain even faster. OEMs and OS providers today are forced to think about creative software power management techniques and also to look for interesting new battery technologies such as (Lithium Ion, Fuel Cells etc).

I have a suggestion.

Diagram of full hybrid vehicle components, including (1) an internal combustion engine, (2) an electric motor, (3) a generator, (4) a power split device, and (5) a high-capacity battery.

A great way of improving battery life for mobile devices is to use the Seiko Kinetic magnetic charging technology (powered by human movement). It won't be powerful enough to charge the battery completely but at least it will prolong the battery life by providing electricity that's generated from all the movement caused by the user while they're walking or moving around.

Similar to how Hybrid Engines work, where the battery is constantly charged by the combustion engine and in turn lend power to the wheels thus extending mileage.

The Kinetic circuit will constantly charge the battery thus extending its life. OEMs can then use more powerful hardware for their devices or reduce the size of the batteries to make way for better product designs.

What do you think?