Serving the finished pie

About a month ago, I got an email from a developer asking us if Windows Mobile supported Web Services. Most of you would know, the answer is yes, as a client. Running a web server on the phone is very impractical but this developer was very adamant that this be implemented because of his very specific requirement. After a few days of email tussle, I had to put my foot down and say no, we don't have this scenario because running a web server on a phone is not recommended and that's the reason why we did not built it in the first place. Although, if you built your own HTTP daemon, you can do it. Just that Microsoft is not doing it. (Prioritization).

Now I got this email from a buddy of ours, Richard Jones (of Best Developer Award fame), who was at the same time, without my knowledge, dabbling in the same issue I've described above and guess what, he wrote a Web SERVER in .NET Compact Framework that runs on a Windows Mobile device!!

Windows CE has a Web Service component called Web Services for Devices but it does not exist in Windows Mobile, so Richard wrote one himself.

Here's the source for the Managed Code Ickle Web Server and the full source for the solution including UI here : Web Services On Devices Full Source

Time to chomp on some *humble pie* and reply to that developer..