After switching to the new awesome Blackjack II recently, I took the opportunity to clean up my list of useful applications. I never realized that I had SO MUCH CRAP on my phone. So after moving my Micro SD card over with my personal data and reinstalling "mission critical" :) apps, here's what I have on my phone.




This row has the typical Windows Mobile apps.



These are ATT specific apps which I NEVER use.


IM & Email client that supports MSN and Yahoo.

Organizer keeps all your utilities like Calculator, Tasks, Alarms, Notepad, Converter tool, Stopwatch etc.

My stuff is like a juiced up explorer but not as low level. Shows you the folder contents

Applications is where you find your camera, download agent, file explorer, get telenav, java, mobiTV, PDF Viewer, RSS reader (still prefer Newsbreak), Task Manager and Office Mobile.


Flash Lite player of course :) Eden is an internal Microsoft app in development, eWallet is a REALLY cool app for storing your personal info and it has strong 256bit encryption. Google maps (for "competitive" reasons)


GPS Diagnostics is a cool tool for viewing satellite data and showing which satellites you're currently receiving GPS data from. Live Search (the LIFE SAVER), NewsBreak (best RSS reader), Registry Editor.


Signpost is our location-aware conference application that we used at MEDC and TechEd last year that uses augmented reality technology. TeleNav (crappy GPS software), Tiny Twitter, vTap is a fantastic video search tool that lets you search most video sites including msn and youtube and stream them to your phone).


Zumobi. Click this:




What's missing is facebook mobile (come-on someone write it already!!), Communicator Mobile (forgot to install this), Live Messenger, and my collection of games.


What do you have?