I know, we're all sick of the old Windows Mobile look and feel. we're dying for nicer looking devices and homescreens. We're all envious of what Apple did with their iPhone. There are many things that we can improve, and trust me, we are doing it, but for now, we'd have to rely on the community.

Thanks to our loyal Windows Mobile users and developers we are seeing many new initiatives, homescreen replacements, community activities, source code samples and APIs being released everyday. Some examples, we have the great http://www.pointui.com from the blokes in Australia, SPB Software House who never fails to deliver fantastic apps, our loyal MVPs such as Mark Arteaga, Jim Wilson for his AJAX content and how to build and improve web applications for Windows Mobile, Daniel Cazzulino for his OAC controls, the OpenNETCF's Coding Competition for beautiful UI, HTC for their TouchFlo, SBSH for their Facade , and skin designers like Kleinweder and Christoph Rado.

I know I'm missing a ton of others but I'd like to thank all of you for doing such great work on our platform. Here's looking to a more interesting year ahead. We have many things yet to come,

Happy 2008!


p.s. if you know who else has UI related goodness, please post a comment. thanks!