Contrary to what you might have read on GSMarena about AT&T ditching Windows Mobile for Linux / Android, they’ve committed to support Windows Mobile for years to come.

here’s what they posted on devCentral recently:

Clarification for some comments made at Symbian Partner Event

At the Symbian Partner Event, there were some comments made by a speaker that may lead to some confusion in community. AT&T has no plans to standardize on one platform for our smart devices. We want to give our wireless customers maximum choice - in innovative devices, applications, operating systems, and more. One way to maximize customer choice is to begin to reduce fragmentation in the wireless OS environment. That is why we are a member of the Symbian Foundation. That fragmentation puts a heavy burden on wireless carriers, handset makers, and especially apps developers, who have to create for multiple operating systems and sometimes for multiple versions of the same operating system.