*Updated with a new #4. Switched the Touch Diamond for the Excalibur*

According to me. :) I know everybody has their own favs but here are my five in order of preference.


#1. Palm Treo Pro (Panther)


- Designed for One hand operation, Palm did an amazing job at making this phone usable from the keyboard without touching the screen.

- Very Responsive and fast OS. Install SPB Mobile Shell for the best experience.

- Choice of Touch / Non-touch as the phone runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.


#2. Samsung Blackjack II (SGH-i617)


- Fast and efficient input and control over the phone, very responsive.

- Simple no-fuss access to all the power of Windows Mobile

- Nice Camera, built in GPS and Internet Sharing on 3G capabilities.


#3. HTC Touch HD (Blackstone)


- Gorgeous 3.8” HD screen. 800x480.

- Very type-able Soft-keyboard because of the large screen and word completion.

- Fast TouchFlo 3D that include the stocks widget.

- Built in G-Sensor Accelerometer

- My favorite Touchscreen phone. I have a very low tolerance for touch screens and this one doesn’t make me complain :)


#4. HTC S620 (Excalibur) 

(was HTC Touch Diamond, thanks for the reminder Jason!)


- Slim and fits perfectly on the hand. Really nice matte / velvet feel.

- Keyboard is the fastest I've typed on.

- OS is slick and fast as well. Most reliable.


#5. HTC Star Trek


- My all time favorite. This phone has the best form factor, slim, clamshell and fast OS.

- It’s a pity they discontinued what would be a KILLER phone called the HTC Erato. a 3G capable, GPS enabled Star Trek. *sigh*



so there. My top 5. What are yours?