We’re launching the Windows Marketplace for Mobile’s Challenge today, it’s called Race-To-Market for a reason. This is the first time we’re launching a huge application marketplace for our mobile users and getting in now is like selling your products in a brand new mall with millions of users waiting in line to come in and buy your stuff, as opposed to trying to sell your products in a cluttered and packed mall.

I would say that this is a once-in-a-Marketplace opportunity that all developers and ISVs should take advantage of, and yes, even you successful Apple, Android and RIM developers. What’s there to lose? Port your successful app over now and sell them early on our Marketplace, make more money, earn more popularity.

The contest is designed to be easy, just submit your app to the Windows Marketplace for Mobile and you’re done. checkout the rules & regulations at : http://mobilethisdeveloper.com and you might end up winning a Microsoft Surface table as a bonus!

I’ll be building my own app too so see you in the Marketplace. :)