Alright, here’s a list of the 8 9 12 13 (currently) Twitter Applications for Windows Mobile that I know of. if you’re one of the authors, send me updates and if you’re building one, send me a copy too! Will update this list frequently.

#1: TinyTwitter (

Screen08 Screen07

Features: Very functional, GPS,  quick.

#2: Pocketwit (

Screen04 Screen05 Screen06

Features: Very pretty, GPS, Maps support, URL shortening, twitpic, search.twitter, themes

#3: Twobile (


Features: Twitpic, GPS, URL shortening

#4: CETwit (

Screen01 Screen02 Screen03

Features: Twitpic, GPS, URL shortening, retweet, skweezer,

#5: Twitula (SkyDrive)

Features: functional, better UI

#6: Twit Today (


Features: homescreen plugin

#7: Twikini (

CJ from Trinketsoftware is a master developer. he churns out apps amazingly quick and his latest is Twikini. it’s a very lightweight, simple, yet powerful twitter application for Windows Mobile devices.

checkout screens here :

Screen01 Screen02 Screen03

#8: peSHIr ( *updated*

Jarno Peschier from peSHIrTweets just released another Twitter Client because he wanted it to work for him. download directly from His program Icon is Hilarious :) UI is a little basic though.

Screen01 Screen02 Screen03

Features: URL shortening, Web shortening, GPS and Fuel Frog (track fuel usage)

9: Quakk (

Quakk was originally released a while ago (February 2009) and is the latest on my list of twitter apps. I like it because, again it’s simple and fast. Built on NETCF 2.0. It shows you what kinds of apps can be built using C#.

image image

Features: BARE BONES Simple. Tweet, @replies and DMs.

10: Twaddle (

Twaddle is the latest Twitter client for Windows Mobile. It’s still pretty raw but I like how 'it’s coming together. Give it a spin.

Screen01 Screen02

Notifications look good :)


Wish they had a DISMISS ALL function.

11: MoTweet (

MoTweet is the latest in the series of Windows Mobile Twitter apps and it looks REALLY good. checkout some of the screenshots below. it also supports multiple accounts.

Screen01 Screen04  Screen03


12: mTweet (

Another Twitter client for Windows Mobile, called mTweet from Austria. First run took a while to extract my tweets and refreshes take a while to complete. App is also a little unstable at it’s current state.

It could be the connection but here is a screenshot from mTweet:



here are the list of features :

  • Load timelines for user-tweets, friend-tweets and public-tweets
  • Tweet messages
  • Delete tweets
  • Send direct messages to users
  • Follow users
  • Reply to existing tweets
  • Re-Tweet to existing tweets
  • View/Edit your user profile
  • Update your version of mTweet with the built-in auto-update function

    Pretty basic but let’s see how it will improve in the future.


    13: TouchTwit (

    This is the latest twitter client for Windows Phones that I’ve seen and it’s frankly very powerful.


    here’s the list of features :

    • Rich Text Timeline
    • Browse your friends and followers
    • Manage conversations with @replies 
    • Manage multiple Twitter accounts easily
    • Show Tweets with conversation View 
    • Send direct messages to your friends
    • Upload pictures 
    • Show your location on Google maps
    • Record and upload videos 
    • Save your favorite searches
    • Follow and unfollow people 
    • Fullscreen photo view of many photo websites
    • Delete tweets 
    • Twitter Trends
    • URL shortening 
    • Block user
    • Mark tweets as favorites 


    Checkout PocketNow’s video review: