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  • Blog Post: Do you have a fantasy application? we do!

    Have you ever thought about a cool mobile application? Have you wished that your phone was a phaser? maybe a visual caloric recognizer? or even a Universal Translator? At SXSW Interactive, The Internet Geek Girl will be conducting video interviews with nine famous bloggers to find out what their fantasy...
  • Blog Post: The O Fone is REAL!

    I’m not kidding!! We made this parody for the MEDC 2007 keynote 1.5 years ago:   And now Motorola just announced the availability of their new phone called the AURA with circular screen! This is just hilarious!   it’s PRICY though at 2k a pop and it doesn’t run Windows Mobile.. oh well.
  • Blog Post: *snigger*
  • Blog Post: Blackberry. Powered by Windows Mobile.

    Thanks Jon !
  • Blog Post: Chicken Chicken

    Just got sent this link and I thought it was HILARIOUS. Watch this amazing presentation by Doug Zongker from UW. Don't forget to stay till the end, best backup slide ever!
  • Blog Post: Ohhhhhhhhhhh

    haha I can't believe it. Someone is doing it . Woot! Kudos to Toshiba. Derek will be so happy. Not sure why? checkout this vid:
  • Blog Post: Funny Windows Mobile Parody on WMExperts

    The guys at have created a funny parody of the iPhone commercials. Check it out: Hilarious. Here's the link to the full post and Original How-To get YouTube on Windows Mobile post : YouTube on Windows Mobile- Parody time
  • Blog Post: Orcas Katmai Longhorn

    Bad Bad Orcas.
  • Blog Post: OFONE Video Leaked

    Check it out! Someone is not gonna have a good day today.. but for the rest of you, enjoy :) Please bear in mind, this is a SPOOF .
  • Blog Post: OFONE Spoof covered on Seattle PI

    Didn't want to post anything about this during the keynote but now since Seattle PI posted this on their blog, go ahead and read it: totally hilarious, hope we can post the video on youtube soon.
  • Blog Post: "Works on my machine" Certification Program

    All the applications I've built in the past are automatically certified now that there is a new Certification Program called "The Works on my machine" Certification Program . The guys are Coding Horror has jazzed up the logo a little bit and clarified the stringent requirements. I can now wear this illustrious...
  • Blog Post: Top 5 indicators when you know your blog has come of age.

    You have few decent comments and a ton of comment spam. You have people linking to your posts - finally. When you have consistently increasing traffic/subscribers for the past few months When you spend a whole day thinking about what to blog about. You get a call from a headhunter who's looking to hire...
  • Blog Post: The 3 Amigos of MEDC : Past & Present

    Damn! Mike dropped in during one of our important MEDC Content review/triage/brainstorming sessions and brought his camera along. The three MEDC Content Owners, James Pratt (MEDC 2005), myself (MEDC 2006) and Derek Snyder (MEDC 2007) were meeting to discuss how and what content should look like and created...
  • Blog Post: Talk about motivating speakers...

    Derek Snyder (our MEDC Content Lead) has gone and done it! He's taken a camera on a quest to motivate speakers for MEDC 2007 to hand in their presentation decks according to schedule. We spent the whole of yesterday afternoon on what he calls the Prize Patrol, going around campus visiting speakers and...
  • Blog Post: Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!

  • Blog Post: Talk about diversifying

    (seen at New Horizons in Singapore) Wonder how much more salary I can demand to commensurate with this certification. :)
  • Blog Post: Mobile Phone Addiction - Hilarious Video

    Ok own up. How many of you are guilty of some of this in your daily lives?
  • Blog Post: Let's see who gets there first...

    (video seen from TechCrunch ) iPhone or Windows Mobile. What say you? *lol*
  • Blog Post: Hilarious OOF Message

    I just got a very funny Out Of Office (OOF) message from a colleague (Bruce Gabrielle) in MED, I thought I'd share it with you. <Sung to the Tune of "Let it Snow"> Oh the weather outside is frightful But at home I'm still insightful And since the roads aren't foolproof I am OOF, I am OOF, I am...
  • Blog Post: Greetings.cs

    using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.Text; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace Greetings { public partial class Form1 : Form { public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); } ...
  • Blog Post: On a lighter note: Fun with EULAs

    Just installed Hubdog , a cool RSS reader with podcasting support. Thanks to our "friend" at msmobiles . Had a slight problem installing it, as it got stuck at the EULA screen for a while and wouldn't let me go "Next" because it kept on saying I need to accept the EULA before I proceed. I couldn't find...
  • Blog Post: Happy Halloween Everybody!

  • Blog Post: Something light for the long Weekend

    Chris Pirillo is funny. Some say he's weird, but his comics are entertaining. Really. Love this one about Cell Phones. how true.
  • Blog Post: Too Funny

    Watch this. Another one of those funny videos that wouldn't be funny if it weren't so bloody true. Here's one about making international calls and what the experience is like especially for our company as we do a ton of these calls every week. The only thing missing? are the Stealth Joiners who were...
  • Blog Post: Busted on Stage

    Thanks Mel for sending me this link. My moment was a few years back, I was demonstrating Visual Studio and Web Services to a CTO and his team of architects and developers of a large manufacturing company, when an old friend of mine sent me a message and the Messenger window popped up with this message...
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