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Just some interesting stuff from my tour in Microsoft.

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  • Blog Post: Ice Cube on Silverlight

    This is awesome! "Internet TV coming at you at UVN!" (with Silverlight). Ice Cube is the co-founder of appears in this video that our UX Evangelist Michael Scherotter made when he was over at their office recently. Watch it here : Now what we need is for them to deliver this content...
  • Blog Post: More Windows Mobile Development "How Do I" videos

    More cool tutorial videos by Jim Wilson gone live. Using the new VS2008 Device Security Manager Using the Device Emulator Configuration features of the Device Emulator Manager Automation APIs
  • Blog Post: Halo3 and Silverlight : COOL

    Off topic post. This is a really cool gritty live action short by director Neill Blomkamp that's filmed in New Zealand by WETA , Peter Jackson's effects shop. Site is built in Silverlight Streaming. Click on picture above to visit site. or view the video on YouTube here: and thanks to a colleague in...
  • Blog Post: Video Chat via the browser.

    This is pretty cool. TechCrunch revealed them today and I quickly went over to take a look at what all the fuss is about. To my surprise, the web browser integration is pretty slick. There is hardly any setup required and the traditional barrier of entry to get video chat up and running is gone. There...
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile "How Do I" videos published

    Jim has been busy at producing a ton of How-To videos on Windows Mobile development. These are quick and easy videos that shows you visually how each feature is used. He covers topics such as : How Do I: Enable and Use the Device Emulator How Do I: Get an Application to Automatically Start...
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