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  • Blog Post: Want to know more about Internet Explorer Mobile 6?

    Can’t help you with what devices will ship with Internet Explorer Mobile 6 but can help you find out more about it. here’s a link to a whitepaper that we published in November.
  • Blog Post: THIS is what you call Mobile Web Browsing

    WOW. Don’t usually post stuff that are borderline illegal but look at what browsing on the HTC Touch HD with Internet Explorer 6 mobile looks like. checkout the whole post here :
  • Blog Post: New Mobility Center on MSDN

    It’s time again for a visual refresh for the MSDN Mobility Center . This time round we organized it by development phases instead of “type of content” which was really hard to navigate. With this new look, you can easily find information that you are interested in based on the phase of development you...
  • Blog Post: PDC website is LIVE!

    The website for what is considered, the "Mecca for Developers" is open. Register now! you know you want to!! let me know if you do, I'll organize a party!
  • Blog Post: How To: Add Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 Browser Definitions to ASP.NET

    Jim Wilson shows us how to make ASP.NET pages render well on Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 by adding a custom browser definition file.
  • Blog Post: Google Gears on Windows Mobile

    Another validation of the power, flexibility and ease of development on the Windows Mobile platform. Google just announced the availability of their offline AJAX technology called Google Gears on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 . What can Gears do? it provides an ability for AJAX applications to store data locally...
  • Blog Post: New MSDN Mobility Center

    The MSDN Mobility Center at just got a facelift! we have completely redesigned the page to feature the four main mobile application development concepts: Smart Devices Mobile Web Games Rich Internet Apps The last section is yet unfinished so stay tuned to any updates...
  • Blog Post: Cool! Make ASP.NET AJAX recognize Mobile IE properly

    Jim Wilson has been working hard on mobile web technologies for the past few months and he just posted a browser definition file that he hacked together to get ASP.NET to recognize the Mobile IE browser properly so that AJAX capabilities would work as advertised. Most of the current issues with AJAX...
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