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  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Camp in Tampa Bay, Dec 5th

    It’s official - Windows Phone Camp is happening in Tampa, FL on December 5th 2009 !!! The event will be similar to a CodeCamp, not BarCamp style event. There will be a schedule with tracks, topics and speakers. Also with enough interest – even OpenSpace/Collaboration area and a Consumer track were attendees...
  • Blog Post: Scrub your contact list

    Ever since I started keeping my entire list of friends and acquaintances in my contacts list years ago, I haven’t actually sat down and reviewed the quality of the data that’s stored. Now thanks to the folks at Trinket Software , makers of really useful software for Windows Mobile, comes a free application...
  • Blog Post: Top Five Best Windows Mobile Devices

    *Updated with a new #4. Switched the Touch Diamond for the Excalibur* According to me. :) I know everybody has their own favs but here are my five in order of preference.   #1. Palm Treo Pro (Panther) - Designed for One hand operation, Palm did an amazing job at making this phone usable from the...
  • Blog Post: Live Mesh (tech preview) for Mobile available now.

    To those of you who have Live Mesh accounts, you can download the Live Mesh mobile client now from . URL for Direct Download is : if you don’t have an account, ping me via email and I’ll send you an invite.
  • Blog Post: New Mobility Center on MSDN

    It’s time again for a visual refresh for the MSDN Mobility Center . This time round we organized it by development phases instead of “type of content” which was really hard to navigate. With this new look, you can easily find information that you are interested in based on the phase of development you...
  • Blog Post: Can’t find the Windows Mobile DST Update?

    For those of you who are having difficulties looking for the DST Patch from this page :   can download the PC install version here :
  • Blog Post: Resco releases MobileForms Toolkit 2008

    This is really handy for developers. Resco has released a ton of controls for .NET Compact Framework developers to help speed up application development time. PRESS RELEASE . This toolkit contains the following controls: Resco SmartGrid for .NET - powerful grid control with built-in auto edit capabilities...
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile API Usage Tool RTW!!

    The Windows Mobile API Usage Tool performs static analysis of applications and binaries designed to run on Windows Mobile devices and reports on the usage of system APIs and other resources. The goal of the tool is to provide a report of system dependencies to the application developer, optionally including...
  • Blog Post: Leisure Suit Larry is BACK!

    ZOMG! this game brought me through puberty ;) I spent so much time playing the entire Leisure Suit Larry series starting with the Land of the Lounge Lizards and Love for Sail. You guys remember how you get caught by police if you forget to type "remove condom" ? hahahah Now Magmic games is bringing us...
  • Blog Post: Mobility Workshop in Malaysia done!

    Thanks to Yu Tsing & Poh Sze from Malaysia, they completed a series of Mobility Workshops in three states recently and got great results. They ran over 15 workshops in these three states (Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Sabah) covering over 534 developers and 138 students. here are some pics :
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile Application Development Webcast series

    Constanze Roman have been busy setting up a series of webcasts. Here's the list that have been recorded and coming in the next week: Part 1: Developing Applications for Windows Mobile Devices (now available on-demand) Part 2: Developing Your First Real Windows Mobile 6 Application (Wednesday 21-May)...
  • Blog Post: How To: Add Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 Browser Definitions to ASP.NET

    Jim Wilson shows us how to make ASP.NET pages render well on Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 by adding a custom browser definition file.
  • Blog Post: Two New Windows Mobile Virtual Labs available

    We've uploaded two more virtual labs on MSDN that goes in depth on .NETCF Windows Communications Foundation and How to build an application that is future proof. Click on the links below to access the labs directly: Building an Application using Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) and Store...
  • Blog Post: Enable Remote Debugging on NETCF apps

    Thanks to Jon Box for figuring out this problem that we encountered during our workshop in Memphis. Users have a problem trying to attach the remote debugger to a running process. David Kline has published a work-around a while ago and it still applies to Visual Studio 2008. Read the full fix instructions...
  • Blog Post: Mobility Metro site updated

    with fixes to the content and latest news. check it out : you can also follow the event through the use of Twitter Hashtags : follow me on twitter :
  • Blog Post: Need a free remote control, screen capture for your Mobile Device?

    We use SOTI Pocket Controller here at Microsoft for all our demos and it's a fantastic utility. We do have a corporate license with SOTI but we realize that some of you are looking for a free alternative. Now you have one and it's called MyMobileR. download it and give it a go, works pretty well :)
  • Blog Post: Mobility Metro Training done in Xiamen, China

    Got this email update from our colleagues in China. They're doing an amazing job at providing indepth mobile development training that no other platform can provide, not the iPhone, not Nokia and definitely not RIM. If you're an enterprise and serious about Mobility, this is the way to go. 21 people...
  • Blog Post: Music ID by Shazam on Blackjack II

    Just found this out by accident today. Hidden under the AT&T Music Icon in the Blackjack II phone, is an icon called MusicID. This is a really cool piece of software that was created by Shazam. I remember showing this demo off at a few events and gotten a lot of oo's and ahh's. It works very well...
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile Fire Starter Event

    Got this email today: Did you know that 5 of the 10 top selling ‘Smart Phones’ run on Windows Mobile? and, If you always wondered who wrote ‘Bubble breaker’ on the Windows Mobile phone and wanted to write similar applications that get used by Millions of people around the world then this Mobility Fire...
  • Blog Post: World Poker Tour®: Texas Hold 'Em 2 just launched at

    I'm not much of a poker fan but this game looks pretty good. You can play online live with other players which is gonna be sweet! It's cheap too, only $3.99. I know a couple of friends that'll be pretty stoked about this game. Go get it already and come play with me! :
  • Blog Post: More Mobility Metro events

    Here are the other events that are happening in the US. Click on the link to register. City Date Capacity Days San Diego 04/22/2008 50 1 Dallas 04/29/2008 20 3 Austin 05/07/2008 60 1 Chicago * 05/12/2008 20 3 Redmond 05/13/2008 100 1 Memphis 05/13/2008 25 3 Houston 05/20/2008 15 3 Mountain View 05/21...
  • Blog Post: Mobility Metro Houston Sign-up now!

    Mobility Metro- Developing on Windows Mobile Houston, May 20 th – 22 nd Mobility Metro is a 3 day hands-on lab that covers the detailed points about building applications on the Windows Mobile platform. It covers tools such as Visual Studio 2008, the .NET Compact Framework, SQL Server Compact Edition...
  • Blog Post: Guitar Hero 3 for Windows Mobile.. Coming soon!

    A little bird told me that it should be launched by Magmic games in about 24 hours :) For those of you who know me, I love this game! Thank's to Magmic games, this will be my next time waster. Woot! Watch this link :
  • Blog Post: Managed Stored Procedures and Mobile LOB Architecture

    Rabi Satter of the Kiosk Mode fame , has done two posts about the cool things he worked on for the Mobile Line of Business Accelerator. Managed Stored Procedures : Mobile LOB Architecture : Check it out...
  • Blog Post: Comprehensive Review of Windows Mobile 6.1 at

    Someone at has exclusive access to the latest Windows Mobile OS and has posted three pages of screenshots. check them out here :
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