Ever since I saw the phrase "we are smarter than me" on the Social Computing and Bloggers at Microsoft discussion lists a couple of weeks ago, it's been knocking around in my head.  I haven't read the book by the same title yet (I just ordered it from Amazon and I'll get it Tuesday), but it's a brilliant bit of truth.

The Expression Studio teams launched the Expression Community website this year to provide a forum for sharing tips and info, as well as suggestions and questions. My vision for the Expression Community website is to build a hub for conversations among team members, community members, and anyone interested.  Lots of people are already participating, check out the forums and gallery, then join in.

Value flows to and from a community based on each of us sharing our varied experiences and bits of knowledge.  Taken as a whole, we all know more than any individual and everytime we offer up an opinion, an answer, our creative inspiration, we're enriching the community and broadening the base of information and collective wisdom.  With every offering, our We is getting stronger and smarter.

I'm looking forward to watching us grow, and I look forward to hearing from you.