If you're using Firefox 3 to visit our site, there's a good chance you've encountered some odd behavior. Some people are reporting browser crashes, others are seeing requests to install Silverlight despite it being installed already.  Simply put, the two are not playing nice together.

Tim Heuer posted an informative summary of the issue on his blog, with links to all the nitty gritty details.  If you're a geek at heart you might want to read the (long) discussion in Bugzilla, it reminds me a little of the kids game hot potato.

What's the upshot of this?  Well, Silverlight released a workaround and we expect to deploy it to our servers next week.  The pain should be short-lived, the odd behavior should stop. 

All of the individuals who work on Expression products are committed to standards-based, cross-browser user experiences on the web.  Really.  That's not market-speak. Every person I've spoken with on the team is passionate about it.  It's one of the big reasons I decided to join Microsoft 3 months ago.

As a hub for the community of Expression users, our site is committed to these principles, too.  We'll be back to Firefox-friendly as soon as possible.  I'm personally running both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3, and I'll keep an eye on how it's going.

I have to admit it, I have an abiding fondness for Firefox.  Before coming to Microsoft I was a designer and front-end web dev at Amazon.  While there, my team (all two of us) created the first CSS-based table-free page framework. During that time I relied heavily on Chris Pederick's Web Developer toolbar extension for Firefox--usually to figure out where my CSS went astray or to test a bug fix.  When IE7 was released with a Developer toolbar I was thrilled that my toolbox had gotten bigger.

I bounce back and forth between toolbars and browsers now, depending on what I need to do.  And there's never a time I don't have both browsers open on my laptop--usually multiple instances of both.

So, if you're a multi-browser user too--and what designer or developer for the web isn't?-- you can be assured that we're working on the problem and we expect to have it resolved soon.

If you're developing Silverlight apps and running them on a site, you'll need to update your servers with the latest Silverlight.js file too; it's included in the Silverlight 2 SDK. See the fourth paragraph in Tim Heuer's blog post on the subject for more info.