At the PDC, we made a lot of noise about WinFX and Managed code and “Longhorn”.  When I look at our current “Longhorn” SDK there is information about WinFX right up front, but there is all the Win32 PSDK content too.  As well there should be.  “Longhorn” still fully supports Win32 programming and there will be some new Win32 API’s in “Longhorn”.


Today, the Win32 and WinFX SDK content are pretty separate, but that is not the long term plan.  We’re looking at ways to better organize the Win32 content and create some sort of loose “mapping” between Win32 and WinFX.  We need some sort of “bridge” between Win32 and WinFX.


Are there any pure Win32 programmers reading this blog? 

What would you like to see in the SDK? 

What would help you get up to speed on Longhorn quicker? 

What would convince you to use WinFX instead of (or in addition to) Win32?  How can the SDK help you learn WinFX and the new “Longhorn” Markup Language (currently code named “XAML”) if you are NOT a web developer or not really comfortable with declarative languages like XML and HTML?

What types of content would help you leverage your existing Win32 knowledge to learn WinFX?


I’d love to hear your thoughts on Win32 and WinFX and the how the SDK could bridge the two.