Several folks have posted on Raymond Chen's blog ( about the PSDK.  I'd like to address a couple of issues they brought up and hopefully encourage more dialog around them.

The PSDK used to get "updated" quarterly and shipped with MSDN quarterly releases.  Usually, the only things that would change each quarter were some minor doc updates (if that) unless that update coincided with a major OS release.

Today, we only update the PSDK with *major* OS updates.  Therefore, we posted a new SDK for WS2K3 back in Feb 2003, but haven't posted anything other than betas since.

We are about to post a special PSDK for WinXP SP2 in the next few days. Usually service packs don't need new PSDK, but this one is special as will be WS2K3 SP1.  That's the next time you'll see a new PSDK.

Question for the audience:  Is that OK with you?  Is there a compelling reason to publish it more often that we are missing?

Another item that was mentioned was problems downloading the PSDK.  Let’s face it.  The PSDK is huge.  There are nearly 20 years of Windows API documentation in the PSDK along with samples, tools, headers, libs and other key build environment files.  Very soon, there will be a whole bunch of 64 bit stuff added as well.  It’s not getting any smaller.

On top of that, the PSDK team built it’s very own download utility a few years ago.  Unfortunately, the ActiveX control we built has some problems with SP2 and therefore we’ll be discontinuing it’s use and moving to a more conventional download model—the same model that most other content uses.  The SDKUpdate site will redirect to normal MSDN Download center.

I’ll post again as soon as the WinXP SP2 PSDK is posted.  I’d like to get your feedback on some of the changes we’ve made.

What else could we improve on with the PSDK?