I was recentely fortunate to spend a couple of hours with Arfa Karim Randhawa, a wonderful young girl from Pakistan who is the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (she passed the exams at age 9, she's 10 now).  Soma sponsored her visit to Microsoft and asked myself and others to show Arfa around campus.  I got to take Arfa on a tour of the "Microsoft Home" and the "Center for Information Work". It was a lot of fun.

You can read more about Arfa's visit in the Seattle Post Intelligencer artical: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/232514_msftarfa14.html.

Arfa is an amazing young lady who is super smart and a joy to spend time with.  I sincerely hope she will come back and visit us again as well as keep in touch with us via email.  Arfa is the type of young person who makes me super optimistic about the future.  I think she's the type of girl who can change the world given the opportunity.

He father traveled with Arfa and is increbibly supportive of her interests.  At one point he introduced himself as "Arfa's Proud Father."  She's a lucky lady.

I hope the rest of their visit to Microsoft went well--I hear she had a good meeting with BillG. 

Safe travels Arfa, come back soon!