Last week was a very busy week around here and this week looks no different. 

Last week we had a bit of a problem with the WinFX SDK Web Install.  While the problem was identified and quickly fixed, it still took a while to verify and therefore delayed customer availabilty.  Eventually we got the Web Install and the ISO posted and so far we've not heard any problems.   Thanks to everyone for their patience!

We are now focused entirely on the Windows SDK for Vista Beta 1.  This SDK will have lots of information on all the new native Vista APIs found in Beta 1 as well as the headers, libs and other necessary files for building unmanaged Vista applications.

Next, we'll be working on SDK updates for the WinFX Runtime Components September 2005 CTP and the next IDW for Vista.  So much for taking time off this summer! ;-)

Two SDKs one Experience

Right now, The Windows SDK and the WinFX SDK are separately installable SDKs.  Eventually, the WinFX SDK will be a part of the Windows SDK (and separately selectable during custom install).  The plan is that if both are installed, the developer will have one SDK experience on his/her desktop. 

Why not just merge the two together right now?  WinFX CTPs ship more frequently than the Vista OS does. Also the WinFX CTPs are available publically and the Vista Betas go only to MSDN subscribers and folks on the beta program.  Therefore, we like having the flexibility to ship the WinFX SDK separately from the Windows SDK during pre-release cycles.