Yesterday we had tri-athletes and movie crews closing streets and snarling traffic in and around the convention center in LA. Today it was a power outage that apparently affected nearly the entire LA basin that managed to do the same.  According to the LA Times web site, somebody cut a line they weren’t supposed to.  Ooops.  Ah well, there’s never a dull moment here in Los Angeles at the PDC.  It was a little concerning that it happened just a day after they played that ex-OC twerp’s video threatening LA and Melbourne though.

But all is well here in LA…at least as far as the PDC is concerned.  Everything is back to normal, the wireless is working well and the place is filling up.  I have seen most of my team members already and we’re ready to go.  Things seem to be running smoothly and today, like yesterday, the registration lines were short or non-existent (at least by the afternoon that is).

I am looking forward to the keynotes tomorrow and the start of regular sessions.  There is going to be a ton of energy and excitement here.

Signing off for now.  If something else of interest occurs (and I have power and wireless) I’ll blog again today.

Lori Pearce
Product Unit Manager
Windows SDK Team