It’s already Tuesday, the official first day of the PDC.  I started the day with a nice 20 minute walk from my hotel to the LACC.  I arrived at 7:30 am and there was already a line waiting to get into the keynote hall.

The organizers ushered all the Microsoft employees into the overflow room to make sure there were plenty of good seats for customers in the main hall.  Once the keynote started and all customers were seated, they allowed Microsoft employees to fill the seats in the back.

I decided to stay in the overflow room thinking it would be more comfortable and less crowded.  Unfortunately, there were some audio problems in the overflow room. They got those fixed quickly and then we realized that instead of pumping the video and audio feed directly from the keynote hall, they were simply showing the web cast.  Therefore we didn’t get to see any of the videos…just like the folks watching the folks watching online.  Bummer.  I heard one of them was pretty funny.

After the keynote, I headed to the “Women and Technology: Dream, Code, Run” panel.  The room filled quickly with women and a handful of men. It’s rare that I am in a room talking technology with 95% women instead of 95% men.  Kinda fun.

When that was finished it was time to head to the Big Room and the Microsoft Pavilion space where the SDK team has a booth.  On the way there I bumped into Peter Mullen, Chief Software Architect for Trumba Corporation (and ex-Visio founding engineer and all around nice guy).  Peter is looking forward to learning about Yukon and Atlas at this PDC.

Hari Sekhar said that our first ILL was well attended.  Mike Mueller was the instructor.  Mike and Jeff Chrisope are sharing instructor duties for our labs.  Don’t miss it if you’re here at the PDC!

That’s all for now!

Lori Pearce
Windows SDK Team