...and I don't just mean because of all the rain we've had this winter either.

The January CTP is out the door.  We've noticed an increase in the number of issues with the install of the SDK and I wanted to let folks know why they are occuring.

First, in an effort to create a servicable SDK with servicable components, we've redesigned the core SDK setup to support MSI chaining.  That means that the SDK is really a series of individual component MSIs chained together that can be independently serviced. Right now, we are installing the Document Explorer, the Microsoft Command Shell (Monad) and the Compact Framework MSI along with the one SDK MSI.  We hope to have the compilers be their own MSI as well as the headers and libs, the documentation and the samples.  This will occur over the next 6 months--we're taking small steps to get the major kinks out of the process.

The problems customers are seeing relate to the Monad and CF MSIs throwing errors and the main SDK setup not handling them as well as it could.  The workarounds are to make sure to uninstall Monad and CF before installing the January CTP SDK.  Hopefuly this will be better for February.

We also hope to have the Web Install back for February with custom install options that allow you to choose which components to install or not install.  This should help with the horrendous download size.