Two articles caught my attention this week.  The first was Walt Mossberg's review of SYNC, a joint project between Ford and Microsoft. 

 "SYNC combines the often separate cellphone and music-player functions into one unified interface that can be controlled by a voice-recognition system that works well. You can command it by voice to play a single song out of thousands on your iPod or other music player. With some phones, it will even read your incoming cellphone text messages to you, and properly pronounce text-message shortcuts such as LOL (Laughing Out Loud.)"

The fact that this system works with just about any USB media device (and not just an IPod) is great news for those of us who prefer devices that don't lock you into one format or one music store.  I am currently using a Creative Zen player; it's my second Creative Zen device and I really like how well it works with Windows Media Player. 

The other article that caught my attention was an article on optimism and the brain by Robert Lee Hotz.

"Two research teams exploring the anatomy of expectations offer a new perspective on the power of a positive outlook. For the first time, scientists at New York University have mapped the upbeat brain -- finding in a cluster of neurons the size of a martini olive the seed of a sunny outlook on life. At its core, the brain is built for optimism, their work suggests."

Hope you enjoy learning about SYNC and the optimistic brain!