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July, 2004

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    To rent or to buy a house??

    Spurred by some comments to a previous post I quickly run these numbers. They analyze the case of house price not rising in the next five years. I’ll take more time to check them if I really get to a point of deciding, but they should be correct...
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    My quest for a new home...

    I’m refining my understanding of how to value residential properties. There is this rule of thumb: buy when you can get a rent for the property which is at least 1.2% of the property price (or in another form, when the home price is 7x the annual...
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    Book: "The coming crash in the housing market", John R. Talbott

    My wife and I are planning to move somewhere where you can walk to shops and restaurants. We were thinking about selling or renting our current suburbia home. So, as usual, I picked up a bunch of books from the local library. This is one of them. Amazon...
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    Please the perfect object stand up!!

    I always thought: why people write this very long posts? Here you have it. How do I design my objects? What is the set of constraints that dictate my design decisions? People talk about objects in very different contexts. A certain amount of confusion...
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    My first (and last?) post...

    Hello folks, My crazy coworkers finally convinced me to get my own blog. They think I’ll say something funny, but I won’t – so don’t link to me – it’s probably not worth it. For the few perseverant ones, here is...
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    Here I am.

    I'm Luca Bolognese. I'm the Principal Group Program Manager for the C#, VB and F# languages, compilers and IDEs. Before that, I was the LINQ guy. Before that, I was the ObjectSpaces guy. In my spare time, I read a lot of books. I mean: a lot. I...
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