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February, 2007

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    Which type should I use in C# to represent numbers?

    Yesterday I found an old email in my mail box that I thought might be generally interesting. I was asking the technical lead on the C# compiler which algorithm/shortcut people should use to choose their 'number types' among the many available in the language...
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    A good Emerging Market fund

    If you are looking for a good fund for this corner of your portfolio, you might want to consider Eaton Vance Structured Emerging Mkt (EAEMX). There is also a much cheaper version (EITEX), but it is open just to folks with a financial advisor. It is...
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    Apparently simple code ...

    Sometimes what looks simple is complex and what looks complex is simple. See if you can understand how this one calculates all the possible ways to give change for a certain amount of money given some kinds of coins. You MIT guys out there don't count...
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