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  • Blog Post: Luca Bolognese leaves Microsoft

    This is my last post on this blog. My new blog is here: I accepted a role as Director for Credit Suisse in London. I’m excited by the opportunity to work in the financial industry, a long-standing desire of mine. I’m also excited to write more F# code and to be closer...
  • Blog Post: My PDC session is online - “Future directions for C# and Visual Basic”

    In case you are training to play the part of a first generation Italian immigrant in a Broadway show or if you want to understand why I never short msft stock:
  • Blog Post: Luca at PDC 2009 next week

    I’ll be in Los Angeles next week for PDC 2009. My session is called “ Future Directions for C# and Visual Basic ” and it comes on Tuesday immediately after the first keynote. I’m planning on spending the first half of the session talking about the biggest trends influencing C# and VB. The second part...
  • Blog Post: A version of the AsyncCache found its way into the Parallel Programming samples …

    Go here to download them. It is in \ParallelExtensionsExtras\CoordinationDataStructures. It has a slightly different design in that it returns Tasks. I’m trying to get Stephen to blog about it so that you can compare them.
  • Blog Post: I talk about C# and VB Co-Evolution on Channel9 (and some F# …)

    The title says it all. If you are interested, go here .
  • Blog Post: An Async Html cache – part II – Testing the cache

    Other posts: Part I – Writing the cache Let’s try out our little cache. First I want to write a synchronous version of it as a baseline. Private Shared Sub TestSync( ByVal sites() As String , ByVal sitesToDownload As Integer , ByVal howLong As Integer ) Dim syncCache As New Dictionary ( Of...
  • Blog Post: An Async Html cache – Part I - Writing the cache

    Other posts: Part II - Testing the cache In the process of converting a financial VBA Excel Addin to .NET (more on that in later posts), I found myself in dire need of a HTML cache that can be called from multiple threads without blocking them. Visualize it as a glorified dictionary where each...
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