Talk: How to write an [Async] connected app for Windows Phone 7.1

This talk is all about writing a connected app for the Windows Phone. The talk covered:

(1) Azure/WP7 toolkit for the server-side of the phone app. Most good phone apps will need some kind of server-side component, be it for live tile updates or just to form a social community.
(2) XNA for the phone app itself (a Breakout clone) using the new Mango (7.1) phone tools, 
(3) Async language feature which makes it much easier to program how the app communicates with the server -- in this case to download high-score table.

The material here is in VB, but it all works equally well with C#.

  • I gave a VB-specific version of this talk at TechEd 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia on 2011.06.18
    • Download slides.pptx [4.8mb]
    • Download script.docx [27k]
    • Download [115k], requires VS2010+SP1+WindowsPhone7.1+AsyncCTP
    • Session page online. Alas they haven't put up a video of it yet.
    • To encourage people to give feedback, I donate to charity for each session eval submitted. In all 22 were submitted and so on May 24th the charity "Doctors Without Borders" got $220, half from me, half from Microsoft. Thank you Atlanta!
  • Sri Narayanan and I gave a C#-and-VB version of this talk at VSLive2011 in Vegas on 2011.04.19
    • The talk covered exactly the same material as above.
    • The audience in Vegas filled out 14 evals and so on May 20th 2011 the charity "Doctors Without Borders" got $140, half from me, half from Microsoft. That's the kind of win I like to see at Vegas!