On June 6th I'll be speaking at the Norway Developer Conference in Oslo, on the subject "How we do language design at Microsoft (VB/C#)". It will cover topics like how we designed Async, how we run our week-to-week language design process, where we get ideas from, how we recognize and respond to user requests and market needs, and some of our attitudes towards what a language should be.

Afterwards, I'll put the slides up here on this blog.


QUESTION: Are there any areas that you'd like to see discussed? Any questions you'd like answered? If you post questions or topics here as comments on this blog, then I'll take two weeks to think them over, and I'll incorporate the answers into my slides.


Disclaimer: The talk and slides will come solely from my personal experience from the past few years in my job as language PM -- learning the ropes, working with the other language designers, running the VB language design meetings, and working as a VB/C# compiler developer. They certainly won't be Official Microsoft Statements on the subject "How Language Design Must Be Done".