LuisBE on Services

A blog maintained by Luis Bitencourt-Emilio (LuisBE) and geared toward Excel Services programmability and solutions. Focused on the v1 of Excel Services in Office 2007, and the ongoing planning of v2 in Office 14.

Luis Bitencourt-Emilio & LuisBE on Services


Luis Bitencourt-Emilio & LuisBE on Services

About Me

My name is Luis Bitencourt-Emilio and I will be your host for this blog. I am currently an SDET in the Excel team where I've been since my internship in the Summer of 2005, and as an FTE since March of 2006.  Prior to that I worked at IBM while finishing up my Computer Engineering degree from the University of Maryland.

 I was born in Brazil but have lived in the USA since 1994 when my father moved here to get his PhD from Catholic University.  Most of that time was spent in MD, with a short stay in NC while I was on-site at IBM.

About My Blog

I have been doing a lot of exploratory work with Excel Services, focusing on it's extensibility through the programmability framework (UDFs, APIs, ASPX, and Javascript).  I would constantly get questions as to how to accomplish things that Excel Services does not support out of the box, or how to get this v1 product to do something it was never designed for (at least in this version). 

 This blog will primarily be a single point of contact between my solutions and the general public.

 As we gear up for the v2 of Excel Server in Office 14 this blog may also host some posts on what we are working on in v2, and what scenarios will be enabled due to our work in that version.