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  • Blog Post: is Live!

    Awesome changes for the users of the Hotmail/… Check out or : Meet Preview is a preview of a free, modern cloud email service from Microsoft. It has a familiar name and a fresh, modern design. makes your email richer by connecting...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Surface… can’t wait!

    Check out:
  • Blog Post: SWIT Conference in Ukraine

    About a month ago I had the privilege to held a couple of sessions on the Windows Azure topic on Ukraine’s key IT conference called SWIT . It’s an amazing event, with many interesting and creative activities and I love coming back (organizers: read this ). Anyways, this year they also did short interviews...
  • Blog Post: Loving the new SkyDrive…

    Really awesome improvements on how to integrate SkyDrive into your PC (or tablet… ok, ok IPhone, Mac, Ipad…) environment… Loving it… and you can get an upgrade for 25Gb space for free! Check out for more!
  • Blog Post: Plenty of Cloud Jobs, not Enough Experts…

    I just read an interesting post in the Wired magazine, titled “Cloud Jobs Look Skyward, But Skills Gap Is Growing “. It basically described how in US the demand for professionals with cloud-related expertise is growing so fast that it’s hard to find enough of the skilled experts… I also heard stories...
  • Blog Post: Universe at your fingertips

    I have just stumbled upon this site from Microsoft Research and spent hours looking at the content about the creation of the Universe … Amazing concept and technology to bring together information about such a complex topic. Recommended for everyone that wants to learn...
  • Blog Post: The Amazing Everyday by Nokia

    Loving it… I WANT THIS PHONE ! Introducing Nokia Lumia - The Amazing Everyday - YouTube
  • Blog Post: Microsoft: Productivity Future Vision

    FUTURE VISION : In 5-10 years, how will people get things done at work, at home, and on the go? Watch the concept video to get a glimpse of the future of productivity, then explore the stories and technology in more detail.
  • Blog Post: Stanford Researchers Invent Transparent Li-Ion Battery

    Sweet , read article here. Invisible laptops or phones… that would be weird ….
  • Blog Post: European Cloud Computing Futures: 2.4M New Jobs by 2015

    I just came across and interesting article in EWeek that predicts there will be 2.4 million new jobs related to Cloud Computing by 2015 in Europe alone , which is a very optimistic prediction.   In my personal opinion there will, of course, be a major shift towards the jobs related to cloud computing...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Touch Mouse

    Interesting concept , have to get one of these when available …. Taking it even further then the “white hardware company” .
  • Blog Post: Wordle View of My Blog in 2010

    Looks like, that I was pretty consistent in the topic I was covering on my Blog in 2010 …. :  
  • Blog Post: Zoom into Your Picture! is a new service, provided by Microsoft Live Labs, that enables you to quickly add Deep Zoom functionality to your pictures. Just enter your picture’s URL and voila, you can zoom into it! Of course, the service is powered by Windows Azure Platform. Technorati Tags: Deep Zoom
  • Blog Post: Talk to your XBOX

    I really like this video of MILO (virtual boy ) that shows how people will be able to interact with XBOX Kinect .   Now I cannot wait to get my hands on Kinect! Maybe a good game title would be “What you always wanted to tell to your Boss!” ! What do you think? Technorati Tags: Xbox , Xbox Kinect
  • Blog Post: Enter the era of 2-screen devices…

    Toshiba unveiled Libretto W100 …. Maybe this will get me to read books from a digital device ;)! Technorati Tags: Windows 7 , Toshiba
  • Blog Post: That Time of the Year is coming again …

    Well I am not talking about Easter ;), I am thinking about our developer related tour that we do each year in the CEE (Central & Eastern Europe). This year we start with Bulgaria , at their own event Microsoft Developer Days (KUDOS to the guys organizing the event, it is the biggest one in Bulgaria...
  • Blog Post: LG’s Windows Phone 7 Series

    First hints about the new Windows Phone 7 Series came to live on the Engadget Show , where Aaron Woodman showed pre-production prototype of the LG’s Windows Phone 7 Series…. The mania continues ;) and I can’t wait to get one of the new phones in hand…
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Series is announced!

    About an hour ago Steve Ballmer announced the Windows Phone 7 Series at the MWC conference ( check out the recording here ). I must say that it looks really, really awesome combining all experiences together with a really smooth user interface… Can’t wait to get one of these babies, but until then check...
  • Blog Post: Blio eReader – a new way to read books?!?

    After the new announcements about the Slate PCs on CES , I cannot wait to get my hands on the Blio eReader . According to the datasheet it promises a lot and maybe it will bring a new dimension to reading books on our screens (which has not yet convinced me so far…). Let’s see!
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 Was My Idea!

    Ha, ha! I love these clips that were made as a part of the Windows 7 campaign! And BTW Windows 7 was MY idea! ;)
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Documentary

    Are you working with Visual Studio on a daily basis? If so, then this documentary will be fun to watch ;). Go check it out on Channel 9 , it nicely displays how the industry has evolved from the first version of Basic language, with lots of interviews, facts, etc. Enjoy!
  • Blog Post: DevReach Conference

    I must admit that I really look forward to the next DevReach conference that will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria. It seems the organizers have really put a lot of efforts into organization and I do believe it is going to be a great event! If you are interested, check out more at:
  • Blog Post: Lightning storm disrupts the clouds

    Sound like an oxymoron, but in IT everything is possible :). Check this article , this time it’s Amazon, I just hope such events in the future will be a rarity.
  • Blog Post: Developer Days Preparations

    Déjà Vu! The last couple of nights I am coding, debugging, searching for solutions and lots of other things due to the preparation for Developer Days in CEE. We are running events in a couple of countries and as usually we want to show all the goods to the attendees of the events. Anyway in case you...
  • Blog Post: Solid state disk rocks!

    I am just in the middle of the preparation for the events I will be having in the next weeks and months and I am totally amazed by my new machine. I opted for a DELL Latitude E6500 with a Solid State Disk and I am just amazed… Opening times for Visual Studio are close to nanosecond (ok kidding but it...
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