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  • Blog Post: The Amazing Everyday by Nokia

    Loving it… I WANT THIS PHONE ! Introducing Nokia Lumia - The Amazing Everyday - YouTube
  • Blog Post: SQL Azure, OData on Windows Phone 7

    Nice blog post , explaining step-by-step on how to get SQL Azure , OData , and Windows Phone 7 working together. It shows how to expose SQL Azure data using the OData protocol and consume that data on a Windows Mobile Phone 7 device. Soo simple, yet so powerful. Technorati Tags: SQL Azure , OData , Windows...
  • Blog Post: Loving it: the marriage of Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure!

    Just follow the link and get your Windows Phone 7 Cloud enabled! Technorati Tags: Windows Azure , Visual Studio 2010 , Windows Phone
  • Blog Post: Connecting Windows Phone 7 With Windows Azure

    A couple of days ago Microsoft Research has posted Windows Phone 7 + Cloud Services SDK , that enables the creation of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) applications that leverage research services not yet available to the general public. The primary goal of this SDK is to support the efforts of Project Hawaii ...
  • Blog Post: KIN – Microsoft’s Phone for The New Generation

    Check out to experience the phone that keeps you connected into your digital world. Your Phone is your life, right?
  • Blog Post: Great New E-book Previews Available

    In case you are interested in Windows Phone 7 or Visual Studio 2010, I recommend you to check out these two e-book previews : Programming Windows Phone 7 Series Moving to Visual Studio 2010 Enjoy the reading!
  • Blog Post: Start Developing for Windows Phone 7

    You are now able to download the Silverlight 4 RC, the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP, and Expression Blend 4 Beta to get ready and develop for Windows Phone 7 . Totally cool, since Silverlight will be supported on the phone and you will be able to develop applications right out of Visual Studio,...
  • Blog Post: Playing Games on Windows Phone 7 Series

    Wow! Check out this video of Eric Rudder’s speech at TechEd Middle East. It shows how games and overall user experience can span different devices: PC, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox. As it can be seen Windows Phone 7 will have Silverlight and XNA support enabled and everything will be accessible through Visual...
  • Blog Post: LG’s Windows Phone 7 Series

    First hints about the new Windows Phone 7 Series came to live on the Engadget Show , where Aaron Woodman showed pre-production prototype of the LG’s Windows Phone 7 Series…. The mania continues ;) and I can’t wait to get one of the new phones in hand…
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Series is announced!

    About an hour ago Steve Ballmer announced the Windows Phone 7 Series at the MWC conference ( check out the recording here ). I must say that it looks really, really awesome combining all experiences together with a really smooth user interface… Can’t wait to get one of these babies, but until then check...
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