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January, 2007

  • Musings on Data

    How to diagnose issues when running reports in the report server?

    A customer came to the SQL Server Customer lab to investigate a problem with one of the feature I’m responsible for – data-driven subscriptions. In looking at their solution, we discussed any number of problems they had encountered. I realized that it can be difficult to find out where to start looking when a problem occurs. This post will hopefully provide you a starting point as you endeavor to fix the issues you run into. Reports can take up - a lot of memory, - a lot of time to execute, - a lot of CPU Generally speaking, it is possible for errors to occur as a result: - Out of Memory - Internal Errors - Rendering errors This begs the question, “How to diagnose issues when running reports in the report...
  • Musings on Data

    Per user snapshots? Or multiple snapshots for a report each with different parameters at the same time

    I've received questions in the past about whether the report server supports per user snapshost - that is report snapshots customized with different parameter values for a given user. The answer I have always given is no - you get one snapshot per report and that snapshot always uses the default parameter values. Well, it turns out that some inventive users have come up with a 'work around'; it involves some coding on your part. But here's the sketch: Though RS supports only 1 *execution* snapshot per report, it supports N *history* snapshots per report. Also, you can cause a history snapshot to be created programmatically. So there we have it - "all" you need to do to create a set of history snapshots with different parameter values is...
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