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July, 2008

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    Reporting Services HTTP 401 (Unauthorized) - Host Headers require your attention

    In a previous post , I talked about issues with repeated login prompts when trying to access either Report Server or Report Manager using your browser. Recently, during an upgrade of our internal test server we identified a new type of HTTP 401 (Unauthorized) message. This post provides a description of the problem and the solution. Symptoms: When all of the following symptoms apply, it could be this issue: A. When accessing Report Manager or Report Server you use a URL that looks like http(s)://<foo>/reports. The name <foo> is NOT the computer name of the computer on which Report Server and Report Manager are deployed. However, DNS or the machine's hosts or lmhosts files (WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc) are configured to send requests...
  • Musings on Data

    SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Scalability

    Much has been said up to now about the scalability work the Reporting Services team has done in the SQL 2008 version. However, until now, there were no numbers to back up the architecture discussions. The SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQLCAT) just released a Technical Note titled Scaling Up Reporting Services 2008 vs. Reporting Services 2005: Lessons Learned . This is a must read for anyone looking to compare the two products. It also shows that an investment, even now, in SQL 2005 Reporting Services provides a roadmap to higher scalability in the future. Previously, I discussed an approach for Scale Testing Reporting Services that is very similar to the approach used in the Technical Note. Some key notes from the Technical Note: 1) " Reporting...
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