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December, 2009

  • Musings on Data

    Charts in a Tablix cell don’t work for me… but I’ve see these nice demos where they do…

    Problem: You may have learned about sparklines or you want to add a chart to your Tablix.  You either copy/paste your working(!!!) chart into the tablix and then you preview and you get: "The chart 'Chart1' has a detail member with inner members.  Detail members can only contain static inner members." Solution: In a Tablix you cannot put dynamic member in a Detail row.  You have to put it into a Group header or Group Footer row. Steps: Insert a table into your report. Set the DataSetName for the Tablix (either in the Properties pane or by dragging a field into the tablix). In Row Groups , right click the (Details1) group.  Select Add Group –> Parent Group… In the Tablix group dialog, Select your Group by: clause...
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