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April, 2010

  • Musings on Data

    SQL 2008 R2 RTM! Time to look at some new Execution Log Reports

    Wow.  We just RTM’ed SQL Server 2008 R2.  Check out the official web site SQL Server 2008 R2 Website . Now that the official release is on its way out the door, I thought I’d share some reports that show off some of the new capabilities.  In SQL 2008 R2 there is a new ExecutionLog3 view in the Report Server database.  For those familiar with SSRS, the ExecutionLog table, and then ExecutionLog and ExecutionLog2 views were used in previous versions to show which reports ran on the report server, who ran them, and to provide a lot of information about the execution.  With SQL Server 2008 R2 the ExecutionLog content is expanded again.  The newest version of the log is ExecutionLog3.  You will find it by connecting...
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