Intro + C# Express

Intro + C# Express

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Hi, my name’s Luke and I am a program manager on the C# team at Microsoft.  I’ve wanted to start up a blog for awhile now, so here goes...

I’m pretty new to Microsoft, but since I’ve been here I’ve had a chance to be involved in some really fun work.  I’m on the C# team, and in particular the C# IDE team.  That means I get to work a lot with Cyrus, Anson, Joe, JayBaz, and all the other folks on the IDE team.  It also means I get to work on some really interesting projects.

The project that I’ve been working on for most of my time at Microsoft is the Visual C# Express Edition.  So as you can probably guess, I’m really excited that the betas of the Express editions are now available for download.  It’s been really great seeing all the feedback we’ve already received on the Express idea after less than 48 hours.  It sounds like people are really excited about the Express products.


So go grab an Express product, and let us know what you think!

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  • great!
  • So what are the differences between the express edition and writing c# code in the full vs 2005?
  • Welcome to the blogosphere Luke. May the force be with you. ;)

    We actually met at Tech-Ed 2004 in S.D. I hung around a lot near the X-Box (as did everyone else) and talked about how I work for a cash gaming company etc...
  • xam - Thanks for the excitement!

    Dan - I just put up another post answering your question. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know about the Express products.

    Haacked - I remember meeting you at Tech-Ed. Thanks for the welcome. I'll forgive you for the Star Wars joke :-)
  • Sorry. I couldn't resist. Thanks for your graciousness.
  • Hi Luke,

    Sounds like an exciting progress. Looking forward to what the new Express lineup will do for us C# developers.
  • Salman - We feel the same way. We are really excited to see what C# Express will bring about for C# developers. One of the things we'd really like to see happening is for the express products to be lowering the barrier to entry for potential new C# programmers. So if you've got any friends/coworkers/relatives who have never tried out C#, but who might be interested, let them know about these Express products. We'd love to hear what they think about them.
  • Hi Duncan!

    Will it be possible to develop Smart Device Applications with Visual C# Express?

    I saw that the Windows Mobile SDK:s were included in the System Requirements page.

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