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May, 2007

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    My Channel9 Video on LINQ in Orcas


    Looks like Channel9 just posted a video interview I did about LINQ in Orcas.  In the video, I show a couple of demos of some of the LINQ and C#3.0 integration into VS Orcas, including IntelliSense and debugging improvements, as well as spending some time at the whiteboard talking about a few of the new C#3.0 language features.

    You'll probably notice that we recorded this just before the Orcas March CTP was released, but everything in the video is still relevant to later Orcas builds.

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    C# Language and Compiler Chat - Monday May 7th, 11AM PST


    Thought I'd spread the word that we've got a C# language and compiler chat coming up on Monday morning.  Stop by the chat to ask questions, give feedback, or just hang out and discuss any C# language or compiler topics you are interested in.  See you there!

    <from the chats page>

    C# Compiler and Language Chat
    C# Language Chat. Want to know more about anonymous delegates in C# 2.0, or our design rationale for them? Have some questions about our current thinking on C# 3.0 and LINQ? Perhaps you'd like to share your ideas with other C# users or the C# language team. Join the C# team for all that and more!

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    May 7, 2007
    11:00 A.M. Pacific Time
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