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August, 2008

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About A Deep Zoom Blog

This blog is intended to help out folks who want to do deep dives into how to create compelling applications with Deep Zoom and Silverlight.

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    Synchronizing Images with the Deep Zoom content

    A very common request I have been getting is some sample that shows how you can synchronize content with Deep Zoom. Click on the image below to start the app. Zoom in to see the various places I've lived. Download the source here. So how is this...
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    XREZ Extreme Pano

    I've been meaning to post a little bit about how to do text properly in deep zoom, but I am having problems with the various tools I am using... I'll get that and other posts going soon. But since I set myself the goal to post something useful once a...
  • A Deep Zoom Blog

    Zooming with constraints

    My first blog post will be a small but useful little tip. One of the things that's not built into deep zoom is the ability to specify at which level to stop zooming out, and at which level to stop zooming in. Check out the following example (which...
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