I've been meaning to post a little bit about how to do text properly in deep zoom, but I am having problems with the various tools I am using... I'll get that and other posts going soon. But since I set myself the goal to post something useful once a week (at least), I figured I'd talk about XREZ.

One of the applications I worked on as a sample was the XREZ Extreme Pano. This is an effort well worth checking out. Livelabs teamed up with the team from XREZ to make a set of very large shots of the Yosemite Valley.

They have a special rig that takes thousands of pictures that are later stitched together to very large single images. The images you can see in here are much bigger than anything a standard camera can offer. Of course this was the perfect opportunity for Deep Zoom to show off some real content!

If you want to find out more about the project, read up on XREZ's website about it.

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The only difference really between this application and the one from the previous post is that I took more care to make the "zoomed out" view of the collection of images look simpler and cleaner. One of the problems with zooming UIs is that sometimes the view of things can appear cluttered if you show everything all the time. I am also not a fan of the aliasing artifacts one sees when panning and zooming in a collection.

Usually a handsome layout can address those issues, but for this app I decided to show the content as the user zooms in, instead of showing everything at once. To do this, I added a simple blend in/blend out animation that starts off once a user zoom past a certain zoom level. 

There is still more that can be done here to make that aspect work more nicely, but this works to get the ideas going. Also, I plan to add some features to make navigation between images easier, though in my heart I believe nothing really beats the beauty and simplicity of the mousewheel rolling, once a user masters that skill.

The app can be found here.