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November, 2008

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About A Deep Zoom Blog

This blog is intended to help out folks who want to do deep dives into how to create compelling applications with Deep Zoom and Silverlight.

  • A Deep Zoom Blog

    Seadragon AJAX and Deep Zoom

    It's been a while since my last post, but that's because I've been also helping out with the Seadragon AJAX release. You have to check out what we did there. You can now browse single images in web browsers where Silverlight is either not supported or...
  • A Deep Zoom Blog

    Powerlaw scaling of synchronized content with Deep Zoom

    Well, I also updated this app now that Silverlight 2 has RTW'ed. The performance improvements we've made in Silverlight are truly stunning. I will reserve the details for a later blog post, but one of the things that deep zoom always does is blend the...
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