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Making the most of the Lync Client Platform SDK

October, 2010

  • Lync by Lync

    Using the Search Controls

    In our last post, we introduced the Lync Controls SDK, and demonstrated how easy it is to create a simple application using these controls to show a contact card. Now, we will explore the search functionality provided by this SDK, and use it to build...
  • Lync by Lync

    Hello, Lync!

    Getting started with Lync controls is actually quite easy. In this post, we will explore the basic steps required to create a sample application using Lync controls, and then we will run a simple “Hello, Lync” application which shows a presence...
  • Lync by Lync

    What are Lync Controls?

    Some of the most exciting features included with the Lync Client Platform SDK are the new user interface controls for WPF and Silverlight.  These controls enable many of the most commonly accessed features of Lync to be embedded, quickly and easily...
  • Lync by Lync

    Introducing the Microsoft Lync Client Platform SDK

    Microsoft Lync is the new name for the next generation of Microsoft’s highly successful Communicator product.  The Microsoft Lync Client Platform SDK makes its debut with this release, and provides developers with a powerful set of tools for creating...
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