I ran into an interesting question from one of my consultants today. He asked me how to determine the version number of the Management Pack that was currently running on a MOM 2000 SP1 server. To be honest, I don't think there is a way to do this. I normally suggest that customers export the current management packs into a BASE directory. Then as new management packs are available and imported, you should create a subdirectory under BASE that in the form of {ManagementPackName}{Date} and store the new management packs in that directory.

Exported Management Packs

I noticed today as I installed MOM 2005 for a customer that after you import the first management pack, a directory gets created in the Operations Manager Program Directory named MPBackup (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Operations Manager 2005\MPBackup). Guess what gets added into that directory when you do a management pack import? That's right! the management pack name followed by date and time. One I imported today shows up like this:

MicrosoftExchangeServer2003_10.20.04 13.57.49.akm

So how do I find the version I'm running today?

To find out what released version you have in production, go to the administrator's console. Right click the management pack you are interested in and select properties. The management pack version is a field on the Properties page.