September, 2006

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Hello! Welcome to the official weblog for the Office for Mac team at Microsoft (a.k.a the Macintosh Business Unit, or simply MacBU). Our team is focused exclusively on developing software for the Macintosh platform. Our main product is, of course, Microsoft Office for Mac, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage and Messenger for Mac. We also create the Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac, a free product available on our website.

We decided to create a team blog because we wanted to offer a broad range of voices and perspectives across MacBU. Bloggers on this site include developers, testers, user assistance, product managers, usability engineers, product marketers, and our General Manager. We have bloggers from both our Redmond, WA and Mountain View, CA (Silicon Valley) campuses. Some of us are experienced bloggers whom you may have been reading for years; others are newbies, blogging for the very first time as part of this team.

Want to get to know us better? When someone makes a post, you can click on the author’s name to view his/her profile to get more info about who we are as individuals and as a team.

One thing we all share: We are excited about communicating with the Mac community via our blog in an informative and more informal way. We’ll blog on a variety of topics (some technical, some not) that interest us and we hope will interest you. From time to time, we will also invite guest bloggers to give you another perspective about our software and the people behind it.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. We hope you find our blog interesting and enjoyable, and that it helps us get to know each other a little better. And if you happen to attend Macworld in San Francisco next year, there’s a good chance you will meet many of us there! J

-         The Office for Mac blog team




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Comments to our posts are encouraged, and we ask that you use good blogging manners so we can have open and productive discussions. As such, the usual guidelines apply: please keep posts on topic, be productive and respectful, and avoid profanity, abusive language or anything that violates our site terms of use.

  • Mac Mojo

    Messenger Links

    So the big news from MacBU this week was the release of Messenger for Mac 6 . This was an important release for us because it was our first actual application that was shipped as a universal binary. For those keeping track, we previously shipped shipped...
  • Mac Mojo

    On the power of a small team -or- Why MacBU testing rocks

    Geez, now I have to follow up David's awesomely funny entry about the food alias with my dry post on testing. One of the first classes I took after starting here was called “Testing at Microsoft for New SDETs.” This class was full of about 25 people...
  • Mac Mojo


    Hello! My name is David Weiss and I'm the Automation Test Lead in MacBU, which means that I build stuff to help us test our code better. It's a great job. I could give you a detailed introduction , but I've kinda already done that. I could talk about...
  • Mac Mojo

    Messenger: haves and hA/Ve nots

    By now, some of you have heard the news. Today we launched Messenger for Mac 6.0, our first Universal application! It includes some exciting things, like federation with Yahoo, the ability to show “what I’m listening to” on my iTunes and a spell checker...
  • Mac Mojo

    Let's go way back

    It's Schwieb again, this time with a look back deep into MacBU history. No, not any public history -- I'll talking about my own history in MacBU. Brad Post's blog entries about tracking down gnarly bugs made me remember a particular problem I worked on...
  • Mac Mojo

    Weekend Links

    OK, I'll have to just admit that Friday is usually a bad day for me to blog. I end up taking care of the kids until 11:30 at night and so I've been missing that midnight deadline that I set for myself in doing my links post. I'm not going to change...
  • Mac Mojo

    Behind the scenes: meeting the press

    Late last week, Sheridan and I had the opportunity to meet with some reporters from Australia, Japan and Canada. They were in town for a big press briefing that our Hardware team hosted to show off all of the cool new devices that are coming out this...
  • Mac Mojo

    Are You an Office Original?

    We have a section on our Mactopia website called “ Office Originals ” all about the cool, fun, inspiring, amazing things people do with Office for Mac, and meeting Originals is one of the best parts of my job. I can wax pretty poetic about Office myself...
  • Mac Mojo

    Friday Links: Podcasts

    The big link that I saw come into the mac mojo blog this week came from Xbox Live's Major Nelson . The Major is a friend of mine and one of the things I noticed when I visited his office for the first time was a sweet Power Mac G5 rig. If you've never...
  • Mac Mojo

    Friday Links, on Saturday!

    It's been quite a week for us at MacBU, especially for such a short one. There's a lot of buzz about the blogs here at work and I think the engineers are really feeling the energy that comes from talking directly to users of the products that we build...
  • Mac Mojo

    Timidly going where I’ve never gone before…

    Have you read Robert Scoble and Shel Israel ’s book “ naked conversations ”?  In the first chapter,  they talk about the two sides of communication  in companies today:  the bloggers and the folks whose job it is to reduce risk and control the corporate...
  • Mac Mojo

    another way to give us feedback

    Sign up for MacBU usability tests and help us shape the future of our products....
  • Mac Mojo

    Great Expectations

    (Sorry, Charles.) Hiya folks! I'm Erik Schwiebert , one of the development leads here in the MacBU. I wanted to jump in here quickly to set some expectations based on some of the comments I've seen here about our team blog. A number of people...
  • Mac Mojo

    Friday Links and Dogfood

    Hi, my name is Brian Johnson and I'm a product manager at MacBU. Welcome to our Mac Mojo weblog! It's been quite a week for us at MacBU. Starting a venture like this blog doesn't come without a bit of wondering whether you're doing the right thing. I...
  • Mac Mojo

    Don’t cross the streams … that would be bad

    Venkman I'm fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean, "bad?" Egon Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light. Ray Total protonic reversal. Venkman...
  • Mac Mojo

    give us your feedback!

    It's been a pretty cool inaugural week for our team blog. I've seen lots of links to our blog from all over the place. It's awesome to know that you guys are interested in what we have to say. I've noticed that we've gotten a lot of feedback about...
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