It's been quite a week for us at MacBU, especially for such a short one. There's a lot of buzz about the blogs here at work and I think the engineers are really feeling the energy that comes from talking directly to users of the products that we build. Macworld is months away and we're already planning for that. And there was a Microsoft marketing symposium this week that I found really interesting. I figured I wouldn't know too many people there as I came over to product managment from a program managment role, but I must have seen 10 people there (that I knew from DevDiv/MSDN) who have also moved into marketing roles.

For links this week, I've just put together some posts I found through Technorati. I made some pretty interesting discoveries; some useful and some funny, but all of them worth a look.

Mac Office on 10.4 - font corruption issue
I found that using the free Linotype FontExplorer X to clear the system and application font caches (both options under the Tools menu) fixed the problem.

Mac Office IMHO
...instead of revising the Mac version of Microsoft Office, why can't Microsoft take the Windows version and translate it to run on an Intel Mac.

Mac Mojo the MacBU Blog
Gosh that brings back memories of all those questions I would always be peppered with at MacWorld.

Mac Office blog
Hopefully this blog will reassure that the future of Office on the Mac is bright.

Well, well well
Look who has jumped on the corporate Blog-wagon!

Today’s Links:Three kinds of bloggers…
Yahoo’s corporate blog certainly received incredible fanfare. The Office for Mac Team blog seemed like a quiet affair. They’re the latest corporate blog to hit the scene. It features individual developer blogs so you can see what they’re up to.

Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit has started a blog (or blog set) called Mac Mojo.
But Office, either for Windows or Mac, is a damn slick application once you shut Clippy off. And Office for Mac hasn’t crashed on me in an insanely long time. And it’s straight-on compatible with the Windows version at work, so I don’t have to go into the office to get stuff done.

I Kid You Not
Question: Where did I read these today?
  • “I love hunting [bugs] down and killing them”
  • “Microsoft makes world-class Mac software”
  • ”[People] sometimes forget that they’re using Microsoft products”
  • “A Word 5.1 business plan template helped me to expand, then sell, my business”
Answer: on the recently launched Microsoft Mac Business Unit Blog, Mac Mojo.

Have a great weekend.