Ever have one of those really busy weeks where you can't even remember what you did at the end of the week? I'm having one of those. Not complaining though, we've got a lot of interesting stuff we're doing at work, unfortunately not too much I can talk about at this point.

All that said, one of the cool jobs that I have at Microsoft is talking to customers directly about how Mac Office is working in their companies. Before I talk to them, I usually ask for a list of questions they might have so I can get the answers together for them before hand and hopefully save them some time.

So where do I get my information? Sure, I can track down a developer or a PM and get an answer, but ideally I want them focused on building the next great version of Office. So what I try to do is track the information down myself. Where do I look? That's where this weeks links come in. I have a bunch of places I go for information, but if I had to pick 5, I usually go to these first:

Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Resource Kit version 2  This document usualy has the information I'm looking for. It was even updated this summer. From the description: The Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Resource Kit version 2 provides procedure and reference information for administrators and support professionals who deploy, administer, and support Office 2004 for Mac in networked environments. This Resource Kit provides guidance for using Office 2004 for Mac with Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Live Communications Server, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server, and related products.

The Entourage Help Page  A lot of great Entourage information: The Entourage Help Page is provided as a resource to help Entourage: Mac users. FAQs come from the Entourage Newgroup and the Entourage Talk list.

MacWindows.com  The web site for Macintosh-Windows integration. Some of the best information available about using your Macs in Windows networks.

Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Solutions Center  Tons of great information from Microsoft Support. Browse it and put a link in your favorties.

Mactopia Resources  Actuall, all of Mactopia is a great resource, but if I'm going to go looking for something I'm not sure about, I usually find it linked from this page.

Of course, I'm just scratching the surface of what's out there. What's your favorite Mac Office resource? Let's keep a list. Have a great week!