Edited to add: This study has now been filled. Thanks for signing up!

I know that I’ve asked our readers to participate in our usability studies before. I have a very specific need this time, and I’m hoping that you can help me out.

I’ve got an upcoming usability study that covers new features in both Entourage and PowerPoint. Thus, I need users who use Entourage at least once per week and PowerPoint once per month. This study will be conducted at our lab in Mountain View, California in early November. If this describes you and if you're in the area, fill out this contact form and use 'usability study' as the subject. If this doesn’t describe you but does describe a friend, please direct them to this post. :)

In exchange for about two hours of your time, you get to help shape the future of our Macintosh products, and see new features and the new UI of Entourage and PowerPoint. You will also receive a Microsoft software or hardware gift of your choice, such as Office:Mac 2004, Microsoft's new Mac-only keyboard, an Xbox 360 game, or several other things (even Windows Office 2003, if you'd like to give it to a friend).

If you have questions, you can email me.